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AntlerX Reviews are Many and Varied

There are a number of AntlerX Reviews on the AntlerX website that will be discussed here.
But, first what is AntlerX? It is a supplement based on ancient Chinese medicine.

antler x sprayThe Chinese for many centuries have used the deer antler velvet in many different ways. You may at first think the ‘velvet’ is the fuzzy outside skin on new growth antlers. But, the term deer antler velvet actually refers to the whole antler before it becomes the hard, calcified antler we think of when we think of deer antlers.

The Chinese medical practitioners would divide the velvet into 4 different sections using each portion to different benefits. The upper part is used as an aid for children with growth problems.

The center is used to help arthritis sufferers and the lower part is used for older ones who have calcium deficiency. Check out Wikipedia for more info on deer antler velvet.

So what about AntlerX? This supplement is used to aid in muscle building and strengthening. As I said it is based on the Chinese medicinal use of deer antler velvet. It is made from antler velvet which is taken from the newly developing deer antlers of red deer. It is a highly concentrated supplement so it gives you more of what you need.

Are the deer harmed to procure this marvelous product? Of course not. The deer are farm raised in New Zealand and the animals are not harmed to collect the antler velvet. Deer naturally shed and replace their antlers on a yearly basis, so the removal of their antlers does no harm to the animal. And is done in a way so as to minimize anxiety for the deer.

So what do some of the AntlerX reviews say? Some of them report the fact that their is a natural chemical in the velvet that acts as human growth hormone. This being the case it is not advisable for anyone playing in the NFL to use this supplement as they have banned the IGF-1 a key component in the chemical make-up. See some of such report on Sports Illustrated Website.

IGF-1 is the main reason this product is so useful for those who have suffered injury to their muscles or who would like to strengthen their muscles. In much the same way as it stimulates the growth of the deers antlers it can stimulate the growth of muscles.

Among the AntlerX Reviews is one from CNBC which comments on the obvious benefits of using deer antler velvet to aid in muscle development. Check out the article for yourselves.

So it is clear that the AntlerX website lays out the pros and the cons of their product. Aside from being a problem for some sports regulators, are there any other cons to this product? It is reported on their website that some people have experienced upset stomach from using the product.

OK so what does the almighy Food and Drug Administration of the United States say? Nothing because it is not a drug so they do not regulate this product. However AntlerX reports that their manufacturing process is in full compliance with the Food And Drug Administrations standards.

So then what are the pros beyond increased muscle development? The scientific studies have reported that other ingredients beneficial to the building of cartilage which can have a healing effect on arthritis sufferers. Glucosamine, collagen, chondroitin, calcium, magnesium, zinc all necessary for healthy muscles and bones are heavily present in the deer antler velvet.

But, these vitamins and minerals are not just good for muscles and bones they are also beneficial for the elasticity of your skin. Which means less wrinkles. Zinc and magnesium have been shown to be useful in boosting your immune system.

So there are many pros to AntlerX beyond the athletes goals of muscle development and strengthening. In fact there are said to be more than 400 healthful ingredients found in deer antler velvet. Studies have been done in many countries such as Russia, Australia, Korea, Japan and of course China. The beneficial uses are thus widely documented.

What are the costs of using this product? Well you can try it out for 90 days and if you are not satisfied send back what is left and get a full refund less the shipping cost. Since, you can expect to see some results within 3 weeks that should be a fair amount of time to really check it out for yourself.

The website clearly spells out the return policy and even gives the address for returns on the website. This is definitely a confidence builder as to the integrity of the company as well as their Better Business Bureau accreditation of A+.

The cost for purchasing a one month supply is $50 plus Shipping and Handling of only $6.95. But, if you purchase two bottles you get one free so that you can have a full 90 day supply to test. Once you are sure this is something you will want to use then you can purchase more at a time. And for $149.90 you can get a full 6 month supply! This seems to be the most economical way to purchase the AntlerX deer velvet spray.

For all those who prefer to use products made from natural ingredients this is well worth looking into. If you want to investigate it further you can do a web search for AntlerX reviews and testimonials. I did and I found over 40 results.

When I read the comments on webMD the majority of those using deer antler velvet were very positive.

The only concern expressed was that those with hormone sensitive illnesses maybe adversely affected.

Check out the website it is well designed and easy to use. You will find a good deal of information on the manufacture of their product. The detail of exactly what is contained is very concise. How the product works is clearly laid out too.

So why not check it all out for yourself?

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